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Looking for Indian Priest for your next Puja?

List of Indian Priests in Tristate areas. (NJ/NY/PA)

Pundit Ji Mr Puneet Bhai 

As an Indian priest from Gujarat, India, I am committed to offering the highest quality puja services to my clients. For years, I have specialized in conducting a variety of pujas, helping my clients connect with and honor the divine. My mission is to offer a range of services to people of all backgrounds and faiths, ensuring that their spiritual needs and desires are met to the fullest. My Phone number is 732-318-5363.

Pundit ji Mr Prakash Davey

My name is Prakash Davey and I am originally from Gujarat. I am a prestigious Indian priest with over 20 years of experience, specializing in performing all kinds of Pujas. My aim is to help people connect with their spirituality and achieve inner peace. With my expertise and extensive knowledge of Hindu culture and scriptures, I guide my clients through the rituals and ceremonies with utmost reverence and devotion. My Phone number is 201-532-1000

Pundit Ji Mr Nilesh Joshi

I take pride in offering authentic Hindu Puja services to the dedicated followers of the Hindu faith. Based in NJ, I am dedicated to preserving the tradition and culture that is so important to so many. I find it both rewarding and humbling to be able to carry out the various Hindu ceremonies and rituals to the highest degree of perfection, with the utmost respect for all those I work with. If you’re looking for a Hindu priest for your Puja services please contact  me at 732-675-9788.

Pundit Ji Mr Vishnu Prasad

I am Mr. Vishnu Prasad and specialize in a wide range of traditional Puja services. I have been serving the community for many years and take pride in the quality of my services. I am thrilled to offer my services at Bhartiya Temple in PA, where I am committed to bringing the traditions of India to the local community. Whether you are in need of traditional Indian wedding rituals, housewarming ceremonies, or other Puja-related services, I have the experience and knowledge to handle it all. I am originally from Delhi India. My phone # is 215-833-8905. 

Pundit ji Prabhakar Sharma

I am committed to offering the best Puja services in the Tri-state area, with a focus on preserving and recognizing your traditions and beliefs. From regularly scheduled Pujas to one-time special events, I am equipped to perform all types of ceremonies. I am passionate about helping you perform all your special ceremonies with utmost accuracy and attention to detail. Get in touch with me. My Phone number is 484-319-7313

Pundit Ji Mr Shukla 

As a proud member of the Indian community, it brings me great joy to offer my services as a prestigious specialist in performing pujas. My team and I take great care in ensuring that every aspect of the ritual is carried out with the utmost respect and devotion. Whether you are looking to perform a puja for a personal matter or a special event, we are here to guide you every step of the way. My Phone number is 718-795-3449. 

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